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20/02/2017 - HPA AQMP Midterm review Draft Report for public comment
The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) conducted the medium term review for the Highveld Priority Area (HPA) Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP). The purpose of the medium term review was to establish the current status of air quality in the HPA and to inform objectives that ensure improvement in air quality in the area. Interested and affected parties are invited to submit their comments. The documentation can be download from the following location; Alternatively click on the search documents icon on SAAQIS home page and scroll to the title "Draft Legislation and other documentation for public comment" ... Read More
AEL Overview
Welcome to the Atmospheric Emission Licensing Module of SAAQIS. This module provides information and resources related to atmospheric emission sources listed in terms of the National Environmental Management Air Quality Act, Act No. 39 of 2004 (NEM:AQA). Section 21 of the NEM:AQA requires the Minister to publish a list of activities which result in atmospheric emissons and to establish minimum emissions standards in respect of a substance or mixture of substances resulting from those listed activities.The consequence of the listing is that to conduct a listed activity in the Republic, any person requires a Provisional Atmospheric Emissions License or an Atmospheric Emission License.The Minister has published a Section 21 Notice for the regulation of listed activities, prescribing the minimum emissions standards applicable to each listed activity amongsted other things.

  • AEL Licensing Authorities
             List of Air Quality Officers in South Africa
  • AEL Tools
             Atmospheric Emission Licence Manual for Licensing Authorities 1
  • Legislation
              National Environmental Management Act
              National Environmental Management Air Quality Act (NEM:AQA)
              National Environmental Management Air Quality Amendment Act
              National Framework for Air Quality Management in South Africa
              NEM:AQA Section 21 Notice
              Declaration of Greenhouse Gases as Prority Air Polluntants
              Declaration of Small Boilers as Controlled Emitters
              Declaration of Temporary Asphalt Plants as a Controlled Emitter
              NEM:AQA Booklet
  • Postponement of Complaince Time Frame

Applications for postponement of compliance time frames for an exixsting plant in terms of Section 21 must be made to the National Air Quality Officer.

Procedure for Processing Postponement of Compliance Timeframes Applications (S21 of NEM:AQA)